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Приватный чит для PUBG ATSL
1 день 350 рублей Купить

Скидка 10 % ( промо-код: D5FB2CFCD4BF492E )

Requirements - Требования:

  • Windows 10

  • Nvidia GPU

  • Nvidia GeForce Experience - Overlay must be on




Position (Chest/Head)
Various aim keys
Low Recoil
Visibility Aimbot

+Vehicle ESP
Vehicle ESP

+Item ESP
Crate ESP
Player Items Dropped ESP

+Modifiers: (Risky if reported)
Jump Velocity
Walk Speed
Swim Speed
Max Walk Acceleration
Max Swim Acceleration

No Recoil [Always, ban risk]
No recoil Shift only [Less risky]
No Sway [Safe]
Poker Faces [Troll function lol]
Fight Mode
Grenade and Redzone ESP
Enemy weapon

F1: Aimpoint
F2: Aim key
F3: Enable Items
Delete: Fight Mode
Insert: Hide Menu
Control + Arrow keys: Move Menu Around



ATsl is the most lightweight PUBG cheat in the market.

It has been made to be simple, meaning, no fancy features, that gets detected every day.

The cheat is external, it can be used for streaming on Twitch and Youtube, with the streaming software of your choice.
The cheat is smoother than most externals, since it doesn't implement any fancy stuff. This is not a Chinese cheat, it has been made by us, Europeans. 

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